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Celestial Zodiac Wheel
Celestial Zodiac Wheel
Celestial Zodiac Wheel
Baga Imports LLC

Celestial Zodiac Wheel

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Astrology dates back to the 2nd millennium BCE and every ancient culture, be it Indian, Chinese, Mayan, Egyptians, Greek, or Roman used this science to devise elaborate systems of predictions not just for individual humans but for the entire communities, regions, or the planet itself. By studying the movements and positions of celestial objects (sun, moon, asteroids, and other planets), astrologers can predict significant events in your life and help you prepare for them by either making you understand how to embrace them fully or how to avoid their impact in case the event is an undesirable one.

This beautiful tapestry has a horoscopic wheel in its center which is surrounded by smaller stars and moons. Just like a clock, the zodiac is divided into 12 distinct houses, each one ruled by a particular zodiac sign. If you want to connect with the mystical side of your spirit, this tapestry is an excellent choice. It urges you to seek by planting the seed of curiosity.

It can be used in a variety of ways - hang it on the bedroom or living room’s wall, or you can use it as a curtain, or meditate on it. This energizing design has been hand-printed and can be a wonderful gifting idea to someone who is into spirituality, boho living, or loves exploring different cultures from different parts of the world.

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