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Celestial - Sun/Moon
Celestial - Sun/Moon
Celestial - Sun/Moon
Baga Imports LLC

Celestial - Sun/Moon

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The whole science of yoga revolves around creating a balance between the Sun and the Moon aspects of our energy system. According to the ancient Vedic texts, Prana (basic life force) flows in our system via 72,000 Nadis (energy pathways) which can be categorized into three main channels - Ida, Pingala, and the Sushumna. Ida is the feminine side and is controlled by the Moon, while Pingala is the masculine side which is governed by the Sun.

When a perfect balance is achieved between the Ida and Pingala by practicing hatha yoga, kriyas, mantra chanting, meditation, and pranayama, the energy enters the third channel called the Sushumna, leading you towards spiritual evolution. In a way, all yogic practices work towards achieving this balance so that the energy can rise in the form of Kundalini through the seven chakras. This beautiful tapestry is a representation of that perfect balance between the Sun and the Moon of your energy system, that leads to a Kundalini awakening.

You can use this tapestry in multiple ways - as a wall hanging, meditation mat, wall art, or a curtain. This kind of design helps you connect with your mystical side, sowing the seed of spirituality.

Made from pure cotton fabric, it’s durable and machine washable. The print quality won’t disappoint you and the colors will make your room come alive!

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