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Bob Marley - Smoking
Bob Marley - Smoking
Bob Marley - Smoking
Baga Imports LLC

Bob Marley - Smoking

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Iconic singer, songwriter, and musician, Bob Marley sold more than 20 million records and is still loved and revered by millions of people. His music continues to inspire and influence music, arts, culture, and fashion scenes in all parts of the world. This stunning tapestry is a celebration of his legacy, music, and his beautiful soul. Marley smoked weed or marijuana since he was a follower of the Rastafarian religion wherein smoking weed is considered to be a sacred act. He truly believed that smoking weed opened up a spiritual portal for him, allowing him to become the artist he was.

This design has an image of a blissed-out Marley smoking marijuana, against the backdrop of a groovy Mandala which also has the symbolic map of the Rastafarians. It has a very trippy, psychedelic feel to it and can be considered to be an attempt to define the core emotions behind some of his most famous songs - Redemption Song, Get Up Stand Up, Smile Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Jah Live, etc.

The vivid colors of this design along with Marley’s carefree attitude make up for a truly gorgeous tapestry, which can be used in a number of ways. You can use it as a wall-size poster, wall hanging, a curtain, tablecloth, or a room divider. You can also meditate on it or wear it as a sarong. It’s a fabulous gift for someone who’s a fan of Bob Marley or his music.

The size of this Marley and Lion tapestry is 40 X 30 inches and the fabric used is 100 percent cotton which is long-lasting and easy to wash. The print quality is premium as well. It can be hand washed or you can wash it in the machine using cold water and a mild detergent.

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