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Bob Marley - One Love
Bob Marley - One Love
Bob Marley - One Love
Baga Imports LLC

Bob Marley - One Love

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Whose name is synonymous to the Bohemian culture that influenced an entire generation of people to become ‘free and wild’ during the 60s and the 70s? Yes, Bob Marley!

The Jamaican born iconic musician has left behind a legacy like none other. A legacy which is celebrated in all parts of the world in million different ways. This hippie tapestry is an ode to him and to his famous song, ‘One Love’. This track perfectly illustrates what kind of an artist Bob was and more importantly, what kind of a human being.

The tapestry highlights the three colors of the Rastafarian flag - red, yellow and green with thick black borders on all four sides. Bob’s picture on top of the colors is very dear to most of his fans and lovers from across the planet.

You can use the tapestry as a wall hanging, curtain, room divider or a tablecloth to give your living space an instant boost of energy, color and positivity. You can also gift this sheet to someone who’s a fan of Marley.

This hand printed tapestry is made from 100 percent cotton fabric which is known for its durability and premium print quality.

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